Parenting is a source of joy and presents many challenges.  The task of being a parent can sometimes be a never-ending tug of war emotionally and physically.  Emotionally there is the need to balance being the “parent” and maintaining control, teaching important lessons, setting boundaries and providing the love and nurture children need.  Physically there is the need to handle all the daily chores, tasks and issues involved in child rearing and managing a household while attempting to get enough rest and tend to personal needs.

The answer to “what to do if you’re parenting alone in a marriage” can vary depending on why you may find yourself parenting alone.

Sometimes couples have very different parenting styles which may

advice for couples- can your marriage survive without intimacy?

Sharing a relationship with someone with whom you feel a sense of intimacy is a central component related to where we get our feelings of positive identity and well-being.  A study by Joel Sneed of Queens College concluded that a positive sense of well-being in those in their 50's and older is predicted for those who experience and maintain intimacy early in their lives.  These same people seem to have the ability to maintain intimacy even if they have problem relationships. This is

Most people would say that they want to raise responsible children. However, they may or may not do that based on their parenting style. There are technically three different parenting styles that we need to look at when we talk about parenting our children.

Parenting is difficult and does not come with a manual. Often we have made decisions about what our parenting will look like based on our own experiences growing up. However, the bottom line is we will parent the way we were parented.


For several decades I owned and managed a thriving counseling practice with several locations while at the same time working full time as a Marriage and Family therapist. During all of those years, there were many times when I saw more couples who were victims of an affair than all of the rest of our clinical staff combined.

This was never purposely planned; it just had a way of working out that way. I usually did not even know why a couple was coming to my office before I met with them the

For most couples, becoming parents is a normal part of being married. They have committed to each other in a wedding ceremony and begin their life together as marriage partners. The natural progression of things is to begin a family. The couple believes that they have discussed having children and both are on the same page with it.

There are some fears about parenting but they are ready to take that step. They become very excited about the future and what having children will mean to them

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