recommit to your marriage

A common theme we have encountered countless times in the past couple of decades is couples who have drifted apart.  Often it occurs when a couple reaches the point where their children are leaving home, and it is now just the two of them in the household.  While one or the other of the couple has wanted to leave the marriage for a long time, they have hung in there for the sake of the kids.  Now that the kids have been launched, the main motivation for staying is gone, and the focus turns squarely on the marriage. 

The question is – can we make it work, can we recommit to the marriage or is it time to leave?  Neither party is sure they can reconnect and overcome the drift and boredom that has caused them to pull

happy after an affair

I remember a particular day a few years ago when I was thinking through the counseling sessions scheduled for the week.  At the time, I was working with about a dozen couples who were working at recovering and rebuilding after an affair.  In one situation, we had scheduled two couples who had been friends until the husband in one marriage had an affair with the wife in the other marriage. 

At that point in time, a number of the couples were at about the same place in rebuilding

become a great couple

Being in love with someone and in a close committed relationship in which you are adored by your spouse is a deep desire that lives in most everyone.  The picture and dream that you have of what that relationship should look and be like is sometimes very different than the reality you are living.  What are you supposed to do when you want to become a great couple but are not hitting the mark on most days?

Debbie and I have a GREAT relationship together.  We by no means have the

rekindle marriage passion

Is it normal for a couple to lose the passion in their relationship and marriage? Once the fire starts to die out, will it always be that way? Is it ever possible to regain, renew or rekindle the passion in a marriage once the fire has died down?

These are common questions for those committed to long-term marriages. In fact, the flames of passion can start to wane within a few years. In one study, 75% of couples said that their relationship was losing its passion and that it began 3 ½ years

can your marriage survive menopause

While menopause is a natural thing that happens in life, it is important to understand that it can get messy but you can survive it.  It isn’t something that most women can simply breeze through without some degree of difficulty. Women and men need to understand the various things that happen over a period of time when a woman’s body is changing dramatically.

 How do you successfully navigate through this time in life?  Work together as a team to help one another through the

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