Quotes On A Happy Marriage

I heard this quote from a friend years ago and it has stuck with me and become a favorite.  I have used this often with couples and particularly with men.  Here it is: “If next to me is the best place to be, you’ll always be next to me!”  I really believe that this is one of our main tasks as men who are husbands.  We have to learn how to make the spot right next to us a place our wives want to be. 

If we do a good job of it, she won’t want to leave.  If we do a medium job of it, she is likely to stay put.  If we do a poor job of it, she may struggle with leaving, but will someday pull it off.  If we put a priority on making the place next to us as the best place for her in the world (at least most

what if your parenting styles collide?

No one ever said that parenting was going to be easy!  We all enter parenting with some fear and trepidation. If you are like me, you probably made a vow to yourself that you would never do some of the things your parents did or one parent did.  The interesting thing is that we usually fall into that mode without realizing it because we will parent, generally, the way we were parented. 

My thing was that I would never be a yeller like my dad.  However, I found myself

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