improve a boring marriage

A common problem in long-term marriages is for things to become boring over time.  Once you have raised the kids and gotten them out of the house, you may find that the two of you are staring at each other with little idea what to do next. 

We would have trouble counting the times we have encountered this issue with couples we have helped over the years.  The question we hear after listening to the description of a boring marriage is often twofold.  1.  We hear the questions, Can we turn this marriage around and 2.  How do we improve our marriage?

Our answer is YES – you can turn your marriage around. There are definite steps you need to take to improve your relationship and bring new life to a boring

recommit to your marriage

A common theme we have encountered countless times in the past couple of decades is couples who have drifted apart.  Often it occurs when a couple reaches the point where their children are leaving home, and it is now just the two of them in the household.  While one or the other of the couple has wanted to leave the marriage for a long time, they have hung in there for the sake of the kids.  Now that the kids have been launched, the main motivation for staying is gone, and the

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