Relationship CounselingWe would both count it a privilege and would look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. We not only meet with couples and individuals in one of our offices, but we also do tele-coaching and video counseling/coaching regularly for clients.

Typically, working with us can be arranged to either include individual or couple's coaching. We often see clients over Skype or Zoom so it's convenient to your needs and schedule. There is no cost for you to sign onto a video conference other than having the computer equipment and internet access. Sessions are often an hour long, but longer sessions (more intensive coaching) can be scheduled as needed.

Sessions are often an hour long, but longer sessions (more intensive coaching) can be scheduled as needed.

Clients often inquire about the costs of coaching and we like to speak with clients to best decide what kind of coaching is needed and price it accordingly. Please be sure to ask about discounts, we're happy to explore ways to make accommodations that make sense for our working relationship.

Debbie and I have a lifetime of experience working with couples. We are not only a walking example of how to make a marriage work, but we are very practical with our advice so you too can see results that cause you to feel the "one thing" everyone longs for... hope.

Relationship Counseling

Hope is a very BIG word, but that's what we're going for here. We want you to feel inspired to love again... perhaps for the first time.

Yes, your marriage can be saved. IF you work on it.

Yes, couples can survive infidelity. Again, IF you work on it.

Yes, parenting can get easier (although your kids are with you for good, so there's no magic there!).

And yes, single people can find a loving, intimate, passionate love that can last for a lifetime.

Yes, it's all possible. It just takes effort. And that is something you can do.

To learn more about our coaching process here. If you are in need of couple’s coaching, click here, and this is the link to our coaching philosophy.

Call us now at 331-308-0113 to set a time to talk further about relationship counseling and explore your situation to see if working together makes sense.

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