Welcome. We are Dr. Debbie McFadden and Dr. David McFadden, marriage and family therapists and relationship coaches for clients worldwide. For the past 30 years in our counseling practice, we helped couples heal their marriages after tough times. It could be recovery from an affair, healing depression or anxiety from life challenges… it’s true that many of our clients simply want a happier life and we help them find it.

For us, the focus today is on coaching- marriage coaching and life coaching to help you create the future you are most passionate about.

You don’t necessarily need to spend years in therapy; many people experience the best results with targeted coaching to clear up persistent arguments, improve your intimate life, deepen your connection or simply bring back the feeling of closeness you once shared.

We are two very dynamic, hopeful encouraging and passionate individuals working to make a difference for married and committed couples. We would love to help you on your journey to a happier life.

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20 Nov 2017 11:13

Parenting is a source of joy and presents many challenges.  The task of being a parent can sometimes be a never-ending tug of war emotionally and physically.  Emotionally there is the need to balance being the “parent” and maintaining control, teaching important lessons, setting bounda [ ... ]

Can Your Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?
09 Nov 2017 16:49 advice for couples- can your marriage survive without intimacy?

Sharing a relationship with someone with whom you feel a sense of intimacy is a central component related to where we get our feelings of positive identity and well-being.  A study by Joel Sneed of Queens College concluded that a positive sense of well-being in those in their 50's and older is  [ ... ]

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06 Jun 2017 19:35

Most people would say that they want to raise responsible children. However, they may or may not do that based on their parenting style. There are technically three different parenting styles that we need to look at when we talk about parenting our children. Parenting is difficult and does not come  [ ... ]

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