If you want to be more than just an “ok” couple, then you will need to develop certain qualities or characteristics that will make you a great couple.  Many couples have the potential to be great couples but truly miss the mark.  They go through life just existing and trying to manage all the things they have to do related to work, family, community, etc.  They forget to nurture their marriage relationship so as to grow together and instead grow apart.  Here are some of the qualities or characteristics of couples who really work at growing their relationships and become truly great couples.

1.  Great couples care deeply for each other. Their actions toward each other prove that they care deeply.  It is more

become a great couple

Being in love with someone and in a close committed relationship in which you are adored by your spouse is a deep desire that lives in most everyone.  The picture and dream that you have of what that relationship should look and be like is sometimes very different than the reality you are living.  What are you supposed to do when you want to become a great couple but are not hitting the mark on most days?

Debbie and I have a GREAT relationship together.  We by no means have the

rekindle marriage passion

Is it normal for a couple to lose the passion in their relationship and marriage? Once the fire starts to die out, will it always be that way? Is it ever possible to regain, renew or rekindle the passion in a marriage once the fire has died down?

These are common questions for those committed to long-term marriages. In fact, the flames of passion can start to wane within a few years. In one study, 75% of couples said that their relationship was losing its passion and that it began 3 ½ years

Quotes On A Happy Marriage

I heard this quote from a friend years ago and it has stuck with me and become a favorite.  I have used this often with couples and particularly with men.  Here it is: “If next to me is the best place to be, you’ll always be next to me!”  I really believe that this is one of our main tasks as men who are husbands.  We have to learn how to make the spot right next to us a place our wives want to be. 

If we do a good job of it, she won’t want to leave.  If we do a

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